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Composes music based on avantgarde jazz, modern classical music and Balinese gamelan

Arrangement by Olga Witte for bigband of Abekejsers tune Nocturnal Observer, performed by Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Abekejser November 2020

Olga Witte composes music that intergrates elements of experiental jazz and Balinese gamelan.

In 2019-2021 Olga Witte has been working on two organ trios. Organ Trio No. 1 consists of Olga Witte on church organ and the two trombone players Jens Bang and Jens Balder. The concert they play is called Please Crawl Out My Eyelid and can be heard in Soundcload. Organ Trio No. 2 is played by Olga Witte on church organ, Jacob Danielsen on tenor saxophone and Anja Nedremo on alto saxophone and is a feminist version the story of the Indonesian which Calon Arang.

Tunes with other Orchestras such as Aarhus Improvisers Orchestra, WitteKjær Duo and The Trio can also be heard at SoundCloud.

In addition to that Olga plays with and composes for other groups. In the videos below she has arranged a piece by the group Abekejser for the bigband Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and composed for Moving Circles. Also in these pieces she combines jazz and Balinese gamelan.



Mallinggårdsvej 37, 8340 Malling, Denmark