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Foto: Hreinn Gudlaugsson

Olga Witte SOLO 

Olga Wittes concert for solo piano, Trilogy of Modern Science, has performed it with great succes. The concert is based on three theories in modern physics; the special theory of relativity, the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Olga Witte uses a lot of ideas from the three children's books by physicist Russell Stannard about the adventures of Uncle Albert and Gedanken, but she has read extensively about the subjects. The piece last around 40 minutes and is played both on the keys and inside the piano with strings, finger, sticks and other items. The music has caught the audience, both jazz connoisseurs and listeners with no interest in jazz. The music is somewhere between experimental jazz andcontemporary music, and as with most of the music, Olga Witte plays, she mixes elements of Balinese gamelan in the music. The music is about to be recorded and released. Download press material in Danish and English.



Mallinggårdsvej 37, 8340 Malling, Denmark


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