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Foto: Hreinn Gudlaugsson

Current projects

Olga Witte SOLO - Olga Witte (p) performs solo concerts. She composed the solo piano concert, Trilogy of Modern Science, in February 2023, and has performed it with great succes. The concert is based on three theories in modern physics; the special theory of relativity, the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Olga Witte uses a lot of ideas from the three children's books by physicist Russell Stannard about the adventures of Uncle Albert and Gedanken, but she has read extensively about the subjects. The piece last around 40 minutes and is played both on the keys and inside the piano with strings, finger, sticks and other items. The music has caught the audience, both jazz connoisseurs and listeners with no interest in jazz. The music is somewhere between experimental jazz andcontemporary music, and as with most of the music, Olga Witte plays, she mixes elements of Balinese gamelan in the music. The music is about to be recorded and released as an album.
Olga Witte Organ Trio No 1 (Jens Balder (tb), Jens Kristian Bang (tb), Olga Witte (org)). A trio for two trombones and church organ. The trio has performed and recorded the piece, Please, Crawl Out My Eyelid (dec. 2021)
Olga Witte Organ Trio No 2 (Anja Nedremo (as), Jacob Danielsen (ts), Olga Witte (org)). A trio for two saxophones and church organ. The trio has performed and recorded the piece Calon Arang (dec. 2021). In 2023 Olga Witte traveled to Bali once again to produce a music video with a shadow puppet show telling the story of Calon Arang. In 2024 Olga Witte Organ Trio No 2 has begun to perform the concert with the puppet show being projected to the walls of churches.
Olga Witte Organ Trio No 3 (Christian Windfeld (d), Thomas Eiler (d), Olga Witte (org)). The third organ trio with church organ and two drum set. The trio premiered in April 2024 with the piece 'Sorte huller (Black holes) based on the physics theories about black holes, and also on story in the children's book by Russel Stannard: "Black holes and Uncle Albert". The piece covers subjects such as two dimensional experiments by beetles, black holes merging and entropy, 
Slag & Stryg (Oda Dyrnes (cel), Niels Præstholm (b), Christian Windfeld (d), Thomas Eiler (d), Olga Witte (p)) An ensemble created by Olga Witte for the presentation of the honorary award, Gaffelprisen, she recieved in February 2023. The ensemble is playing music between experimental jazz, contemporary music with elements of Balinese gamelan and the surrounding cultural praxis. The music is composed by Olga Witte. At the premiere of the group they performed one longer piece of music, Dichotomies, and two shorter pieces, An Ode to Those Betwixt and Between, and To Those Who Crumble. The music is created with different dichotomies in mind, some from Olga Witte's master's thesis about Balinese gamelan, egality and hierarchy.
MORKL (Mette Marie Jensen Ørnstrup (voc, perc), Gorm Askjær (g), Olga Witte (p, synth). MORKL is a trio consisting of singer and percussionist Mette Marie Jensen Ørnstrup, guitarist Gorm Askjær and pianist and keyboardist Olga Witte. In intense, musical meetings, the three musicians have created their own musical universe, where beautiful timbres, crackling quiet moments collide with noise and violent outbursts. The music is performed with time to explore abstract soundscapes. The music is an experimental and modern tonal language, where the musicians draw both on their shared background in jazz, particularly the emphasis on improvisation, and on inspiration from modern compositional music, Ottoman classical music and Balinese gamelan. They perform both as a trio and with guests, as in Morkl#1.



Mallinggårdsvej 37, 8340 Malling, Denmark


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