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Olga Witte Organ Trio No 1 + 2

Olga Witte Organ Trio No 1 + 2 was out on the 19th of December 2021. It can be downloaded, streamed, and the CD can be purchased directly from Olga Witte for 100DKK/15€ + shipping. Requests directly to Olga Witte by email (
The album contain two concerts, which the composer Olga Witte has written for pipe organ, trombones, and saxophones. Organ Trio No 1 is an abstract piece written for pipe organ, which Olga Witte herself serves, and two trombones played by Jens Kristian Bang and Jens Balder. Organ Trio No 2 is based musically on a  tale about the mighty East Javanese witch, Calon Arang and it is composed for for pipe organ (Olga Witte), alto saxophone (Anja Nedremo) and tenor saxophone (Jacob Danielsen). Olga's version of the story can be read here (English) and here (Danish).
The album's basic element is experimental jazz, but in her compositions, Olga has applied structures, principles and practices from Balinese gamelan, which she has learned and internalized on long-term musicological fieldwork in Bali in the period 2005-2020.
In 2023 Olga Witte produced a video for Olga Witte Organ Trio No 2: Calon Arang with the story told in Balinese shadow puppetshow recorded in Sukawati, Bali, Indonesia. Puppeteer I Wayan Mardika, assisten puppeteer/dalang I Kadek Budi Setiawan. The video can be seen here. A great thanks to Dansk Artist Forbund for financial support in the creation of the video.
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Download PR here (English) and here (Danish).

The Press writes about the record:

"When Olga Witte takes control and the music becomes more composed than improvised, an ensemble of two horns and pipe organ can perform wonders."

Mads Hæsum Christensen, Seismograf, January 2022

"Olga Witte has created her very own and deeply original musical language. She is so deep inside the music that it merges in a wonderfully logical way. It's wild and mild - and worth exploring."

Niels Overgård, JazzNyt, February 2022

Collaborations & participations

Kalaha Tutku.jpg
Olga Witte has composed and arranged the opening tune, Tutku, for this critically acclaimed album.
Randers Big Band Live.jpg
Randers Big Band: Live Live, 2015
Olga Witte is pianist on the album.
Olga Witte plays gamelan, and has taken part in the gamelan arrangements on this award winning record.



Mallinggårdsvej 37, 8340 Malling, Denmark


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